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Hey guys I’m Fran I’ve been A therapist of the valley for 15 years now. I’ve worked all over the valley with a focus in the corporate environment massage therapy, while maintaining high end client’s session on my off time.  With a focus in hot stone, deep tissue and cupping, I taught other therapist to express health in artistic and soul grounding techniques. With 11 years under my belt I hit all my career, but still had not found the true bases of happiness. So, I started on an interesting journey of self-discovery and I meet this French bulldog that I later named Buddha.

Buddha was the pillar of my happiness and as I went on this journey of self-love buddha has been my sidekick, helping me not to take life to seriously and no matter how hard of the day I would always have him ready to greet me with love. Jokingly I say every needs to experience some “Buddhaluv” in their life. Three days after getting this amazing dog I painted a buddha in celebration of learning self-love. Later making the painting my logo. In 2020 mental health had been at an all time high. A sense of self has been confusing thru these times and this is the first-time people are dealing with depression or its worst than ever. Time for that mental reset. I saw my calling growing, I quite my 9-5 in April 2020 of managing a studio and opened my own business to travel to the client. Naming the business “Buddhaluv”. Deciding to focus on client one on one. Assisting clients to their specific needs of pain and mental health and maybe just a friend. I hope to see you on my table soon.

- Fran